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We believe in a cleaner world. We believe in non-toxic, non-chemical, environmentally friendly path to get there. We believe in protecting our young and our old. We believe we have taken our first step to get there...



We are able to sterilize, deodorize without the use of chemicals. We are able to penetrate and purify using light as our source. We are able to increase effectiveness and maintain our surrounding 24/7, 365 - non-stop. We have perfected the enviromental friendly, self-sustaining, cost-effective solution just for you.

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How did we do it?

The  principle of photocatalyst (TiO2) was to accelerate the nature’s cleaning and purifying process using light as energy. Generally speaking, it is a reaction which uses light to activate a substance which modifies the rate of a chemical reaction without being involved itself. .

Our processes
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What is it?

Here are 3 specifically formulated solutions


  • TransPro™ - for automobiles
  • ExPro™ - for exterior environment
  • InPro™ - for interior/indoor
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Formulated Specifically for Automobile


Formulated Specifically for Exterior use

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Formulated Specifically for Indoor use



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